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Matias Romeros Microdoses


If you’re looking for a medium to high potency magic mushroom, with great visuals and feelings of euphoria, then look no further than Matias Romeros. MR is a magic mushroom strain destined for greatness! MR has some of the most unique genetics around. The result is an incredible strain with pure potency and some of the most diverse and extraordinary effects out there.

The Matias is more of a feminine spirit vs masculine. Think increased nurturing, care taking, compassion, intuition and receptivity.

Matias Romero mushrooms have a diverse range of incredible effects. First and foremost, this strain has powerful visuals even at lower doses. Expect fractals, geometric patterns, and color shifts. The best part of MR is that it feels amazingly clear in the mind. Furthermore, the effects of MR are similar to those of the southeast asian strains, with increased potency. Mental clarity and philosophical thought process, along with visual stimulation and feelings of euphoria are some of the effects you can get excited about!

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