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Good Mood Chews W/ Delta 9 Microdose


Good Moods’s Good Mood Chew gummies are a tasty, fun and therapeutic way to eat your favorite Good Moods medicinal fungi 🙂  Small, moon shaped doses that are perfect for sharing. 20 gummies per bag!

Ingredients: fruit puree, organic sugar, glucose syrup, penis envy mushrooms, pectin, citric acid, pink salt, Delta-9.

Magic mushroom / Delta-9 product.  Please keep out of reach of children.

.25g Penis Envy per gummy.
.5g Delta-9 Delta-9. (micro-dose levels)
20 gummies in a pack.
Meyer lemon and kumquat flavor.

This is Good Moods’s PE Blend in a gummie plus a hint of Delta 9. Delicious tasting meyer lemon and kumquat flavor. Receive the same healing powers as our capsules, pure fruit, liquid or chocolates. Made with our best selling, most popular healing strain of psilocybe cubensis, Penis Envy.

– For those that experience stomach issues when ingesting the capsules or fruit, which is totally normal, the Good Mood Chews are much easier on the stomach.
– Bag size = 6″ x 4″ (easy to travel with)

– Faster acting then the Good Moods capsules.

1-2 Gummies = beautiful micro-vibes
4-6 Gummies = therapeutic dose
10+ Gummies = heroic healing

Excerpt from @Leafly about combining Psilocybe Cubensis and THC:

Delta-9 With a Microdose of Psilocybe Cubensis:

She generally finds mushrooms to be more enjoyable on their own, but she and her partner occasionally use cannabis with micro-doses of psilocybe cubensis, which she says is much more enjoyable—and popular, according others who partake in this pairing. “A dose with cannabis feels like you’re having a wonderful day, plain and simple,” said Sandy. “I have higher energy levels, but not at a racy level. I’m more alert, focused, creative. I can fall asleep more easily at the end of the night. Colors look a little brighter and everything feels more vivid.”

Is it safe to pair Delta-9 and Psilocybe Cubensis?

According to a 2020 report by the Global Drug Survey, psilocybe cubensis sends the fewest people to the emergency room of any drug on the market. “Perhaps the most dangerous thing about psychedelic mushrooms,” noted Popular Science, “is that they’re easily confused for the poisonous kind.”

Cannabis has a well-known track record with regard to lethality: No one has ever died from a marijuana overdose. It simply doesn’t affect the mind and body in the same way as opioids and other potentially deadly drugs.

You must be 21 years of age or older to make a purchase from this website. All Good Moods plant medicine products are for healing purposes only.

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