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Purveyors of exceptional fungi experiences for healing modalities.

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We ship discreetly and quickly to your doorstep to all 50 states.

Experience the finest quality, legal, mushroom dose products in the USA.

From Oregon With Love

Experience the next level of mental and spiritual health healing. Doses of Good Moods’ ethically sourced mushrooms are grown with healing and loving intentions only. Feel good about yourself and do good things, that’s our motto 🙂

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Spiritual and Mental Healing, On Demand.

Shipped to all 50 states discreetly. How?

For Life's Tough Battles

This is for fighting for what you believe in, so make sure you keep your mind and body right to slay the dragons in your life.

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Seek The Divine

Do the mushrooms serve as your sacrament? The Religious Freedoms Act protects us all from seeking the divine. Learn more about this in our FAQ’s section.

"Good Moods Supplements are the pinnacle in mental and spiritual health supplements. We're ecstatic we found such a reliable and ethical source for the mushroom medicine." Ruby R.


Locally Sourced & Family Owned

Enjoy peace of mind knowing all our mushroom products are grown with locally sourced and 100% organic ingredients. Harvested with love and healing intentions on our farm in Oregon.


Easy and Free Shipping

We ship the magic medicine right to your doorstep!  All of our products are shipped safely, discreetly from Oregon, right to your doorstep – to all 50 states.


Accurate Micro-Dosages

In order to reap the best benefits, it’s crucial that each one of our products contains the precise amount of psilocybe cubensis cubensis. Feel free to test us and weigh them 😉

Good Moods Safety Checklist

I understand why psychedelic medicines should be treated with respect.


I’m familiar with the drug laws in my country & state.


I’m familiar and confident in the dose I’m taking.


I’ve tested a sample of the substance with a drug testing kit.


I’m not taking any alcohol, drugs, or medications.


I’m in a safe & comfortable environment with people I trust.


One of the members of my group is responsible and sober.


I’m in a sound & healthy state of mind.


I don’t have any underlying health issue.


-Increase Your Brain Activity
-Boost Your Creativity
-Free Yourself from Anxiety, Depression, PTSD & Substance Abuse Addiction

Create new neuropaths in your brain by freeing it from its normal framework. 

“Participants given mushroom therapy reported a rapid and sustained
improvement in their depression, and the scans showed flourishes of
neural activity across large swaths of the brain that persisted for the
three weeks. That heightened connectivity, they said, resembled the
cognitive agility of a healthy brain that, for example, can toggle
between a morning bout of melancholia, a stressful day at work and an
evening of unencumbered revelry with friends.” @NewYorkTimes

You must be 21 years of age or older to make a purchase from this website. All Good Moods plant medicine products are for healing purposes only.

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