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Ayahuasca Microdose Tincture by Good Moods


Ayahuasca has been safely used by indigenous peoples for at least 1000 years. Studies show that microdosing our ayahuasca vine-only extract could have potent psychotherapeutic benefits as well.

Sourced from Florida, our Ayahuasca Tincture is a 100% vine-only extract, ensuring you get the potent properties of the Ayahuasca vine without the psychedelic effects of DMT. Made with love and prayers, our double extraction method uses both organic vodka and pure water to guarantee optimal bioavailability and potency, making it one of the finest Ayahuasca tinctures on the market. Each 2 oz bottle contains approximately 9 grams of Banisteriopsis Caapi Vine extract, or 352 mg per 25 drops. You’ll find the best value for this master plant right here!

What feelings and effects do our users report?
Increased Creativity
Sharpened Focus
Enhanced Intuition
Vivid Dreams
Improved Memory
Feeling Relaxed
Stronger Immunity
Like a Warm Hug
Not psychoactive

How Is microdosing with Ayahuasca Different than Psilocybin?

  • 100% legal in all 50 states
  • You can take it daily without building tolerance
  • Daily dosing supports a stable, consistent, glowing mood
  • No need to remember when you last took it for effectiveness
  • Worry-free dosing: never find yourself unintentionally “tripping” or feeling anxious while driving or at work

Many of our customers have used this tincture to wean off pharmaceutical antidepressant medication with the guidance of their physician.

It can increase serotonin levels fostering a sense of well-being. The alkaloids harmine, harmaline, and tetrahydroharmine are all beneficial for cognition. One study showed harmine can increase neuron cell growth by up to 71.5%. Animal models given harmine showed increases in short-term memory. There is evidence that harmine can provide antioxidant benefits for the pre-frontal cortex and hippocampus regions of the brain, both of which may suggest increased cognition and neuroprotection. In humans, patients who struggle with mental decline or Parkinson’s disease have found relief from using the ayahuasca vine specifically without DMT.

The microdosing process is simple. First, set your intention. Then, once to three times a day, start with 2-3 droppers full (about 25 drops in each dropper full) of the tincture underneath your tongue and let it absorb, then swallow. Increase or decrease your quantity and frequency to find the best dose for you. Noting the contraindications below, you can’t take too much.

Ayahuasca does not build a tolerance in your system, so you can take it as frequently as you wish. Your body will develop sensitivity to ayahuasca, not tolerance, as with other microdosing protocols.

Ayahuasca is by no means a cure-all or a panacea. It works with your mindset and goals to help you overcome obstacles with clarity. Reach out if you’d like coaching to enhance your microdosing program. Ayahuasca combined with coaching creates deep, lasting, positive transformation!


Consult your physician if you are taking any prescriptions or are under a doctor’s care.

This is the pure vine only and contains no admixtures that contain DMT. It is not recommended to take large doses of this hoping for a psychedelic experience. If you drink the whole bottle, you’ll experience deep introspection, warmth, glow, happiness, philosophical inquiry, peace, lucidity, and a slightly altered state. Do not drive or operate equipment if you drink the whole bottle. 😉

Contraindications: Some people are much more sensitive to the beta carbolines in microdosing pure vine only.

Drug Interactions: Foods and drugs that contain amines, tryptamine containing plants, or drugs that act on the serotonin system mixed with Caapi vine may cause a psychoactive experience.


Will I trip?
You will not experience psychedelic effects using this tincture and can drive and do your normal everyday activities when used as directed. This extract is pure vine and does not contain any admixture plants or DMT source.

Do I need to follow a special diet?
If you begin to feel anxiety after taking the tincture, notice the foods you are eating and avoid those that contain tyramine such as fermented foods, cured meats, aged cheeses, red wine, etc. Microdosing works best when done with an intention, and even better when combined with a daily spiritual practice. This is not necessary, however.

Do I have to wait several days between doses?
Unlike microdosing with psilocybe cubensis or LSD, Ayahuasca does not build a tolerance, and therefore can be used daily.

Isn’t ayahuasca illegal?
Ayahuasca Vine is 100% legal.

What do I tell my doctor?
Ayahuasca is a RIMA, a reversible MAOI. Consult with your physician if you are under their care before using this tincture. Check with your doctor if you are pregnant, have high blood pressure or cardiac issues.

Can I still party while taking this?
While using this tincture, it is best to avoid alcohol and recreational drugs as they act as a depressant, masking any benefits of the tincture.

What about those in recovery?
Ayahausca in any form is not addictive, is safe for those in addiction recovery programs and can support and empower addiction recovery.

I’ve heard Ayahuasca makes you puke.
Ayahuasca vine only tincture will not cause nausea or purging when taken as directed.










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