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Matias Romero OZ


The effects of the Matias Romero strain is comparable to most other Cubensis mushroom strains, but with powerfully increased visual effects and deeply introspective experiences. Strong sensations of joy or euphoria,  profound introspection, abstract thinking, lasting excitement, and feelings of connection to the world are some of the  possible side effects. The Matias Romero’s are similar to those of other southeast asian strains, with increased potency. Mental clarity and philosophical thought process, along with visual stimulation and feelings of euphoria.

The Matias is more of a feminine spirit vs masculine. Think increased nurturing, care taking, compassion, intuition and receptivity.

When received, place in a dark area of your home or your freezer. Keep away from children, obviously.

For research and educational purposes only. Customers are urged to set intentions before ingesting, keep a journal, meditate and practice some sort of functional physical movement before and after your journey. (Yoga, tai chi, walking, etc) Good Moods products are intended for therapeutic, loving & healing purposes only.

You must be 21 years of age or older to make a purchase from this website. All Good Moods plant medicine products are for healing purposes only.

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